About us

Hugging Happiness Into your Life


Back when I was still a student, I used to buy cotton dolls online. However, some of these purchases came with excruciatingly long production cycles, and in some cases, it took up to a year to receive them. Additionally, a portion of these dolls, due to low buyer numbers, didn't meet the factory's minimum order requirements, resulting in disappointment as I received refund notifications after a long wait.

Frustrated but determined to have a cotton doll of my own, I began watching crafting tutorials online and delved into the world of doll-making. As my knowledge of the craft grew, I invested in a small industrial embroidery machine, learned pattern-making, and embarked on creating my very own cotton dolls.

Over the course of two years crafting these cotton dolls, I acquired a wealth of knowledge and garnered the love of many buyers-turned-friends. Witnessing the praise for dolls I personally handcrafted filled me with immense happiness and a profound sense of achievement. So, I aspire to continue this passion, spreading this love to the world, one doll at a time.

And remember, when you purchase a doll from our store, we guarantee that it will be shipped within 25 business days! We will never let your expectations down.